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Why People Buy on Emotions
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Why People Buy on Emotions      August 10, 2005

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Most people buy for emotional reasons - then justify their decision with logic!! We do it all the time!

How many of you own a watch that cost more than $9.95? I do. I have

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a nice thin-line Seiko Watch that is shiny gold with a genuine alligator band. It cost $125 It looks sharp and I think I look cool when I wear it. I also have a $9.95 Timex - silver with a silver band. It's very plain - and that's how I feel when I wear it.

They both tell time correctly. In fact, the Timex also tells me the date; so why would I pay $115 more for a Seiko? Because I think it's sharp. I feel good when I wear it! It's thin - so I feel thin.

"Looking sharp, feeling good and feeling thin are emotions worth $115 to me."

So, what does buying a watch have to do with staffing you may ask. The answer is that people will buy on emotions; and the most important emotion is they like you, they trust you and they trust what you are saying.

Having established this trust, they most likely will buy service then later justify it to themselves (or others.) I know this salesperson. I like him. I trust him so I am going to give him a fair shot at the business.

So - what is the main purpose of a sales call? Some say to get an order and others say to tell them about your service. I say, the main purpose of a sales call is to build the trust. How do you do that? You can hardly go to the buyer and say "trust me, I am here to help you."