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Who Is Michael Boone?
With nearly 40 years of leadership in the staffing industry, Michael Boone has worked with leading national and international corporations. Demonstrating strength as an entrepreneur and manager, Michael possesses a keen understanding of the ever-changing marketplace and is recognized as the nation's premier trainer in the Staffing Industry

Michael Boone is a master builder of business. He has developed 12 separate staffing companies that have all
achieved multi-million dollar status and has sold 10 of them to national and regional firms.

Michael began his career in 1961, when he joined the management program of Kelly Services, which was the largest staffing service company in the United States at that time. Over the next decade, Michael increased the scope of his knowledge at Kelly and worked in various management positions in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida.

One of Michael's staffing companies was American Temporary Services. In less than five years, he grew the company into a multi-million dollar business with 12 locations throughout the Southeastern United States. After merging operations with Adia Personnel Services, which was headquartered in Europe, Michael became Vice President of the newly-merged business.

In 1992, he started PCS Group, a computer consulting firm that provided contract and career IT staffing to companies throughout the U.S. In 1996, Romac International bought PCS Group, and the existing company now serves as one of K-Forces's Midwest Regional Office.

Recently, Michael divested his holdings in two companies - PC Staffing and Staffing Alternatives in order to focus full-time on his long-held passion of management/sales, training, and consulting for back-office operations. Michael has a strong desire to give back, in the form of training and consulting, to an industry that has served him well throughout his career.

As a speaker and trainer, Michael provides consulting services and conducts workshops, seminars and roundtable discussions throughout the United States, Europe, Australia and South Africa.

With a broad range of national and international experience and financial success as an entrepreneur, Michael Boone has established himself as a uniquely qualified consultant to all levels of management in the areas of Recruitment, Selection, Staffing, Training, Management, the hosting of Roundtable Discussion Groups as well as the motivating and retention of staff members.

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