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The A, B, C's of Managing your Time
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The A, B, C's of Managing your Time       July 19, 2005 


Just as a roadmap would lead you successfully to your destination, management of your time will lead to your success as a salesperson for the staffing industry.

Know your target audience. Who are your most important clients or prospects, and why? Know what is important to them and address their needs in a very timely fashion. Send them articles of interest,

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Let's assume the salesperson's available selling time is divided into:

A-Time, B-Time and C-Time

A -Time is time you spend with your prospect or customer. Obviously this is prime time - no time for excuses - the time when you bring your planning, training, and experience together to cause something positive to happen in the selling process. This is the time when you convert a suspect into a prospect, and a prospect into a client. This is the time that gives you a reason to celebrate the successful conclusion to all the preparation time you have invested leading up to now!

B -Time is preparation time. This is your "pick'n'shovel work necessary to having successful "A" Time. This is when you will research, plan your territories, create proposals, make appointments-everything you have done to make yourself go on stage with "A" Time. "B" Time is such an important phase of the selling process - a time you will use effectively to the extent that you can control your "C" Time.

C -Time is casual time! The time you spend in the office when you are not giving attention to your "B" Time - a time when your available "B" Time is threatened by "time thieves." This is the distractions in the office - the casual conversations, the casual trip to the coffee corner, the casual personal phone calls and the casual errands. "C" Time will rob you of your "B" Time and even your "A" Time. Beware!!!!! Budget no time for "C- Time"

When we conduct marketing workshops around the country, we often as the question: "How much A Time do you get in an average work day"? The answer is very surprising to most attendees when they learn that the average salesperson produces no more than 2 hours daily. Think of that! Only 10 to 15% of your available time is PAYOFF TIME - Time that affects your bottom line!

Let's think more about this "A" Time. How can we expand these hours? How can we make these hours more effective?

Well, making better use of your "B" Time can increase your "A" Time. Being constantly vigilant about wasted travel time, making more appointments that reduce your time in waiting rooms, grouping all your appointments in one section of town, and, of course, reducing your "C" time.

Some companies use their computers to create virtual reality. This is a way to prepare employees for action in a contrived environment. So, what if you created that contrived environment by using your imagination and results from your research? Visualize your meeting using role playing with someone else - or even playing all the roles yourself. Is that reaching too far? Maybe. But any words and thoughts you put together before entering the selling arena will be well worth it.

I have a friend who now knows the value of "B" Time. She told me about a prospect her company had worked on for roughly two years. She hadn't been able to get to the deciders but through a mutual friend, an appointment was finally arranged with a key executive. My friend was very excited about getting an opportunity to finally tell about the strengths of her company.

I asked her what she was going to say after she said hello. Well, I'll tell him how proud we are of our testing system - and if that doesn't draw a display of interest......well, I'll think of something to say if that time comes!!!! I'm quite confident she has now learned a lot more about the value of "B" Time.

In defining the areas of managing your time, we may have suggested that excellent use of "B" Time is going to make "A" Time a snap! Not!!! This is an appropriate time to go back to your basic list of questions, taking you back to original probing for the prospect's real needs, revealing new information that may allow you to come back with a modified proposal. No Sale! But, you will leave with new information - a positive call!!!

We've extensively shared our thoughts on "A" and "B" Time. Are you ready for some more thoughts on "C: Time? Sorry - we've never gathered enough worth passing on. >Just stick to your A & B's - that will take you WHERE YOU WANT TO GO!

Copyright 2006 by Michael Boone & Associates    All Rights reserved