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A Sales Blocker - Procastination
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A Sales Blocker - Procrastination     April 22, 2005


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  A Sales Blocker - Procrastination

A Sales Blocker - Procrastination

In a recent newsletter, we discussed getting the appointment. This time, let's talk about "picking up the phone to make the call to get that appointment 


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First, I will make a strong statement which goes "You will succeed in sales in direct proportion to your ability to overcome procrastination". Procrastination focuses on temporary feel-good and ignores long term success." 

Procrastination puts off what we know we should be doing in favor of what we enjoy doing - it's easier! The key factor then is that successful salespeople do first the things that unsuccessful salespeople put off doing. 

Don't wait until you are in the Mood to do it. If you do - chances are it's not going to get done!!!! 

O. K., you say "if procrastination is such a downer, why do so many people procrastinate?" The first reason could be "Fear of Failure?" If you make that call, you may get rejected - so you stay in your comfort zone and "just don't." Instead you may be playing computer games, cleaning off your desk or daydreaming about your next golf date. Then one call becomes two, two becomes three - on and on. 

Let's look at the second possibility - "Lack of Knowledge". I live in Kentucky so if I took you to Churchill Downs and asked you to get on a horse at dawn and exercise that horse - and you were not a small, trained rider - you would think me out of my mind since jockeys spend a lifetime fine-tuning their skills. We sometimes procrastinate because we lack the knowledge of how to do it. Become a lifelong student of selling, and you will become a high-earner expert in your field. 

No doubt you have heard it said before, people buy for only two reasons - pain or gain! You will only buy into the "picking up the phone" task if you can visualize the pain or the gain you will feel for not having delayed any longer. Visualization can be a real motivator. Visualize that new car you want to buy
or the dream vacation you want to take - then visualize the gain when you pick up the phone - and succeed toward that goal!!! Good luck so get going!