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People Want to Know What Other People Are Doing
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People Want to Know What Other People Are Doing (in similar situations)     August, 2005


In one of the earlier newsletters, we talked about “Giving your prospect a Reason to want to see you.” This is important when you are calling for an appointment, or when you are on a routine visit. In other words, what do you say after you say “hello” to entice the customer/prospect to want to listen further? You want your customer/prospect to want to talk to you rather than to look for ways

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to cut the meeting short. We have received numerous requests as to just how one goes about coming up with various reasons that will work.

It has been my experience that people have a natural curiosity in wanting to know what others are doing in similar situations. There is a major industry built around this very principal. In fact, it is over a fifty billion dollar industry - and it is called a convention!

When I travel around the country doing sales training, I am usually seated next to a business or professional person. After a few moments of getting settled into my space, the conversation will usually get around to “where are you going?” Answer: “I am going to a convention.” I ask: “How many days will you be there?” The most popular answer will be three to four days. Being the nosy person that I am, I will usually follow up with: “What do you expect to learn as a result of spending three to four days at your convention?” The normal answer is: “Not much. I just want to know what others in my line of business are doing - and how they are doing it!”

Think of that!!!!!!! This person is willing to spend $3,000 to $4,000 - and three to four days away from home just for the same information you can supply locally. Let me offer an example: If you call on a distribution company, take an interest in their operational problems - and how they might solve them, you can be a great resource for other distribution companies you may be calling on in the future. You can do this without disclosing any confidential information. Here’s how it works for me:

I focus on management and sales training for the staffing industry. Last year I was talking with an executive who is currently using our service. I asked him “straight out!” “What do you expect to gain as a result of your expenditures on the types of programs we offer?” The executive let me know immediately that his company wanted to have a program that would challenge the employees, put them on a career path, reduce turnover of key employees and produce more long term profits.

Now, when I talk with other owner/managers, I can say “we work with companies such as yours giving them a program that reduc
es turn-over of employees and gives them more long term profits!!” I’m not sure if this is on your mind today, but when would be a good time for us to talk - Monday or Tuesday?

What I have done is shared with him what others are currently doing in his industry. You can do the same in your industry!!!!!!!!!!