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Listen - Listen BUT Keep Your Eyes Open
Michael Boone & Associates Newsletter 
Listen BUT Keep your Eyes Open      September 6, 2005

Listen - Listen BUT Keep Your Eyes Open


This is our "Part Two" on the subject of Listening

In a previous newsletter, we suggested the value of really listening. Now let's take that one step further. The salesperson who just came out of that sales meeting, no doubt came our resolving-----next sales

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call I make, I'll ask questions, then I'll really listen, and I'll come home with the information I need to "win that account."

That's pretty good resolving--but let's hope this salesperson would be open to other ways to pick up information on that call. Just suppose somebody suggested that he go primed to hear some key facts but to keep his eyes open for other more subtle facts.

O. K.. Let's say he did that, and now let's see how the call went!

First, he engaged briefly in small talk and learned that his prospect was new in town. He was getting acquainted O. K. but was having trouble finding an ethnic grocer. "Good so Far!"Then the salesperson got down to business and learned they have peak periods in two departments where they have several dozen low-skilled workers. Good Again!Before the salesperson left, he noted pictures on the desk and walls that told him that his prospect was a bowler, attended SFU, his wife was a nurse and he appeared to have three children. On his way out, he picked up an annual report from the receptionist.

Now let's see how these gems can lead to the development of a new account!!!!!!

A courtesy note regarding that grocer---friend, Mac Gordon in accounting, says Abbotts in Greenville is what you want---a bit pricey and a bit out of the way but well worth it, according to Mac.

A phone call to prospect confirming---The skills required are available at these prices.

All the other information was put in a file for easy access so that the salesperson could send out friendly notes as staff noticed magazine or newspaper articles of interest to the prospect.

The annual report mentioned a new product roll-out for in the spring!

It's possible that call resulted in an order, and it's also possible the personal information led to several kinds of communication opportunities that would build the kind of relationship that would lead to gaining a valuable account.

WELL, you must LISTEN but you must also KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN! What next? Will we find our other senses should be alerted to help gather information on the next call???Our Olfactory System?

If you make several calls on a prospect and you can just smell an order - make that order happen-- keep notes--keep in touch!