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Is Selling Really a Numbers Game?
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Is Selling Really a Numbers Game?     September 2005 

We've all heard it said about some types of selling ...if you make a certain number of calls, you'll find x number of suspects. Now, if you make x number of calls on these suspects, you'll make x number of sales - maybe even a certain number of clients!

It's hard to apply that promise in definite terms to our kind of selling.

There's one area where numbers become important!


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Suppose you have a good prospect where you're close to getting your first order, or you may already have filled your first order and now you're wondering how you can make that conversion to a solid account.

How would it be to think like a top running back on a football team? These days, we hear him talking about getting more touchdowns if he can increase his touches ... calling, each time he's given the ball or catches the ball, a "touch."

Suppose you think of all the possible ways your company can have meaningful contacts or "touches" with your new target account - phone calls, letters, emails, sales visits, management visits can all add up to bring the two companies together ...and in the process, feelings of friendship, confidence and respect can develop.

In your business correspondence, don't overlook the value of the "courtesy" note - the two or three line handwritten message .... on personal stationery. A sincere "thank you", "congratulations" or "Thought you'd be interested in this clipping" are all great ways to add a warm touch of class to a business relationship.

Let us emphasize the caution that all contacts with your accounts SHOULD BE MEANINGFUL because if quantity of calls becomes an obsession, you run a great risk of overwhelming your account with unwelcome attention.

In building a relationship this way, the numbers are important; but keep your touches meaningful and warm!!!!!!

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