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"How to for Sales Planning"
Michael Boone & Associates Newsletter 
"How to for Sales Planning"     May 5, 2005


  The Three "Hats of Sales"

  "The Sales Plan" for the Staffing Industry

The best product on the market is not a good product when nobody knows about it. There are many steps to becoming a professional in sales/marketing; but many people find themselves overwhelmed by

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the planning and the many tasks that need to be completed before one ever comes face to face with a buyer. Probably the starting point is to first define your identity.

Which are you? Sales Person---Sales Manager--- Marketing Manager

If you are responsible for sales results in a given territory, you sell to companies, and you are in the staffing business, then there is no doubt that you will be responsible for all of the above - wearing all three hats!

The marketing director will not "work in a vacuum": but instead will draw on an unlimited array of resources to help him define his market, then lay out marketing objectives, and plan utilization of all the media at his command to soften his local market or territory for his sales effort.

If others in your company have worked the territory before, there should be a wealth of information already available - list of accounts, list of prospective accounts, size and types of accounts who have purchased, list of key personnel, financial stability of the account and on and on!

If yours is a virgin territory, never having been worked, your search may take you to other sales people, yellow pages, chamber of commerce, business departments of your local library and colleges, business journals, etc. Having gathered enough data to sketch a profile of your business community, you can start your marke
ting plan; but obviously your plan will be in process as you gradually get acquainted with your territory.

With your marketing hat on, you can set some tentative annual objectives - then it's time to put on the sales manager's hat. You will want to budget your selling efforts to various segments of the market. You will also need to establish a system for recording progress - moving accounts from suspects to prospects; prospects to customers, etc.

Now if you put on the account manager's hat, you will certainly get involved with all aspects of time management and selling techniques. Time management and selling techniques are "fodder" for newsletters in themselves. In the Michael Boone "500% Formula"Workshops, we thoroughly cover the selling techniques

This newsletter is only a reminder that working a territory takes a lot of different management and requires you to make a focused effort to cause your success.

If you are familiar with hockey, you know the great players aim "for the old hat trick." - that's three goals in one game by the same player. In the staffing sales game, the best salespeople have three hats with which to manage and they put them on as required.

Like a pro, are you ready for the hat trick in your territory?