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"Be All You Can Be"
Michael Boone & Associates Newsletter
"Be All You Can Be"     July 26, 2005



Six Short Words!!!
Eighteen Magic Letters ONE POWERFUL IDEA

The U. S. Army said it for a year, then two - then more! You may wonder why it's such a powerful idea. After all, isn't this a voice telling 

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you what to do and don't we resist being told what to do???? (You may remember our Newsletter covering this subject.)

I think I may know the answer. The message is you don't have to be the best....instead set goals that you think you can achieve, then go for the goals - and beyond. But, who am I to be intrepreting that phrase for you.

When I came into the staffing industry, I had a trainer/mentor, very successful executive in the staffing industry and he told me this story.

He had a friend named Mouse Brown. Actually he didn't really get to know Mouse until he was Tom Brown, a popular, confident high school student. He got to know Tom Brown very well as his roommate in college, best man at his wedding and friends throughout their lives. He told me Tom Brown epitomized the "Be the Best you can be." He said it had to have happened during his early years when folks said he did look and act "mousy." Can't you just envision an insightful elementary teacher saying, "Tommy, you have many strengths - just identify and concentrate on them."

My mentor said he watched Tom taking that advice to heart while in college, when despite his size 13 tennis shoe and not very fleet afoot, he made the varsity tennis team by concentrating on a blistering serve. He took the same approach to basketball and football, and in academics, he made the Dean's List by concentrating on his strength - numbers. Tom Brown's determination to set personal, achievable goals no doubt accounted for his success as citizen, father, husband and executive in one of the largest corporations in our country. In fact, my mentor said he was so convinced that he used this as his theme
at Tom Brown's eulogy.

Let's take another look at "Be All You Can Be." No doubt Tom Brown had his words projected on his personal teleprompter - always in front of him throughout his life - inspiring him onward and upward.

In a highly competitive environment such as the staffing industry, as you aspire to upward mobility career-wise, wouldn't it make sense to do like Tom Brown, but with one small change. "I will be the best I can be."

We know the most effective motivation is self motivation - nobody can turn up the energy level or strengthen the resolve more than you. It's almost always an inside job.