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Approaching Your Prospect... WITH CONFIDENCE
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Approaching Your Prospect .....WITH CONFIDENCE     July 12, 2005 


  A "How To" for the Staffing Industry
  Has more training for your staff crossed your mind????
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The prospect is on his home turf. He knows from the calling card that he's about to face a person who wants to change his mind. Like any challenged animal, his defensive barriers are alerted......


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The experienced salesperson faces the same situation and quietly says to himself: "This is my territory! As a somebody who sells staffing services, I'm uniquely qualified to neutralize the defensive barriers of any prospect. What other person in sales has such an array of solutions to sell? My company solves people problems. Every industry, every company has people problems. One day I'm solving problems for a bank, the next day for a marketing firm, the next day for a hospital. I'm a staffing counselor - ready to serve any company in any industry".


There is always an opportunity following an exchange of greetings to engage in small talk - a good time to get the prospect to relax and to start to disengage his defensive barriers.

But...As the engagement turns to business, the defensive barriers come alive again, and the prospect senses the anticipated threat to change his thinking. But the threat never comes! The salesperson keeps the conversation centered on the prospect's business. As long as they talk about things the prospect is interested in, he remains relaxed and his defensive barriers are lowered.

Now is the time, the salesperson senses. I have established rapport. I can now suggest something we have in common. He relates details of a problem his company is solving, or has solved, similar to the prospect's staffing problem. From this point on, the salesperson is comfortably in control. He can now think about a closing strategy...

Looking back on this bloodless encounter, what was the crucial moment? Without question, it was when the salesperson sensed it was the right time to play his ace card. He let his prospect know he was able and ready to serve on his team - having given evidence that his company has solved similar staffing problems.....

Why does this work? Simple. In an earlier newsletter we said that "People want to know what other people are doing in similar situations." There's a twenty billion dollar industry (called conventions) built on this idea. People will go across the country, spending thousands of dollars to see what's going on in their industry. Staffing companies have a wealth of experience in virtually every industry, and their salespeople - the experienced ones - come armed with unique selling power.

How well-armed are you? Don't overlook the strategic value of your company's valuable history of staffing solutions - and the impressive list of satisfied clients. With that information at your command, you can approach any prospect ... with confidence.

Has more training for your staff crossed your mind????

"It's Hard to be a Prophet in your own Land" is a statement made 2000 years ago that has sustained because it's true. If training and development are on your agenda, it's better to look to an outside source. Contact the Michael Boone staff for a discussion of your options at no obligation.